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Delicious, nutritious, best friend granola


Did I mention yet that I love to cook and bake?! It tends to get put on the back burner, although this semester I have made a goal for myself to cook just one NEW meal a week. I know one meal does not sound like a lot at all, but when you’re cooking for one, most meals will last a couple of days. I am a lover of leftovers though, so eating something for two or three days does not bother me one bit (well, assuming it turned out right & is tasty…) And by one new meal, I’m not counting the nights of my quick and easy, go-to meals (egg sammies, omelets, roasted veggies, soup, etc.). I know, fine cuisine. What can I say, it’s the life of a student… 😉 🙂

Together with cooking, I enjoy making my own little treats. I find that eating small, healthy snacks throughout the day really helps me stay energized, and keeps me focused during my classes! I always have granola bars in my backpack, and I usually have some type of granola or trail mix on me as well. While I wish I could always bake my own granola and granola bars, I definitely fall back on buying these snacks at the grocery store for convenience. However, many of these snacks that we often times think are healthy, are full of preservatives and unnecessary ingredients. I totally understand how much easier it can be to just pick up a box of granola at the store and call it good. But before you go to the store next, and get your usual granola, check out this recipe and consider making your own. It really is SUPER quick (maybe 5 minutes to prep) and very tasty! Best part is, you know EXACTLY what it going into your granola and EXACTLY what you will be putting into your body. I’ve made this recipe for my parents, sister and boyfriend, and let me tell you, it does NOT last long. That’s always a good thing, right?

granola r

So what’s with the “best friend” granola? You  may have guessed, I received this recipe from one of my best friends. Talk about an amazing, person, friend and an unreal cook… That’s Brooke! I remember the first time she made this granola for me, I couldn’t keep my hands out of the bag! I hope you find yourself doing the same thing…Here it is!

Delicious, nutritious, best friend granola


2/3 c. Rolled oats
2/3 c. Barley flakes (or use all rolled oats, which is what I use)
1/3 c. Unsweetened coconut
¼ c. Sunflower seeds
¼ c. EACH: walnuts, pecans, slivered or sliced almonds
¼ c. Butter or coconut oil (I use butter)
¼ c. Honey
¼ tsp. Vanilla

Optional add-ins: cocoa nibs, dried fruit, chocolate chips, cinnamon, peanut butter, etc. -My favorite add-ins are chocolate chips, cinnamon and craisins. Although next batch I make I’m trying out peanut butter, yummm!


1. Preheat the oven to 350.
2. Lightly oil 10 x 13 jelly roll pan
3. Warm coconut oil (or butter) and honey.
4. Combine all other ingredients, and then add the heated oil and honey.
5. Spread in an even layer and bake about 15 minutes. (Stirring up once in the middle of baking.) Bake until the edges are browning a bit.

I HIGHLY recommend making a double batch. Like I said, it goes QUICK! 

Enjoy. 🙂



Author: jesserannp

Professional School Counseling Graduate Student

5 thoughts on “Delicious, nutritious, best friend granola

  1. Mmmmm! I am making some this weekend!!! Thanks for sharing the recipe!:)

  2. So happy that you shared this recipe!! It is a great go-to snack. This blog is off to an AWESOME start, girlfriend 🙂 🙂 Can’t wait to read more!

  3. Thanks Jessica! I love making homemade granola! My batches rarely turn out the same because I’m always playing around with ingredients. The add-ins are endless!

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