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Pasta in a Pan: Make it YOUR own

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Pasta in a Pan: Make it Your Own

This recipe is SO quick & easy. I’m all about inexpensive, healthy, quick meals!  My mom made this for us lots while we were growing up, and it’s a recipe I now turn to quite often. I think there is something about cooking the noodles right in with the vegetables that gives the pasta extra flavor. You’ll notice I don’t have measurements for the ingredients, and probably think what kind of recipe is THIS? It really depends upon how many people you are serving. I will often times just make enough of this to have for one or two meals, and I never really watch the amount of ingredients I put in (except I always load it up with TONS of veggies 🙂 ). Have fun with it, hence the “make it your own.”

Pasta in a pan


-Pepper(s) (red, green, orange -any color will taste delicious)


(Broccoli and zucchini are other delicious add-ins, you choose!)


-Spaghetti noodles

-Parmesan cheese (to top)

-Salt & Pepper



-Olive oil

-Get creative and add some of your favorite seasonings


1.) Begin by sautéing your veggies in olive oil on low to medium heat for about 6-8  minutes.

2.) Add your spaghetti pasta right to the pan with about 1/4 cup of water to start (staying with low to medium heat). Continue to stir pasta and veggies. Add salt, pepper, garlic and any other seasonings. Continue adding small amounts of water as the pasta begins to cook and soak up the water. Ease off on the water as your noodles begin to expand. This usually takes around 6-10 minutes.

3.) Once water is absorbed and noodles appear to be cooked, top off with your favorite cheese (I love parmesan 🙂 ).

~Serve & enjoy!



Author: jesserannp

Professional School Counseling Graduate Student

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